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12. Northrop Grumman B-21 Raider. A B-21 Raider is unveiled at Northrop Grumman’s manufacturing facility on Air Force Plant 42 in Palmdale, Calif., Dec. 2, 2022. The B-21 is a long-range, highly survivable, penetrating-strike stealth bomber capable of delivering both conventional and nuclear munitions. (U.S. Air Force photo)


11. Vought F8U-1 Crusader of the United States Marine Corps. Dallas, Texas, United States. 19 November 1956. Photo by Chance Vought Aircraft Inc.


10. Sukhoi Su-17. Crews of Su-17 fighters during a training alert. Georgian SSR. 1985. Photo by Anatoly Rukhadze (TASS Photo Chronicle)


9. North American BT-9. New training airplane BT-9 at Randolph Field, Texas, United States. 12 September 1936. Photo from the Portal to Texas History.


8. Latécoère 631 Flying Boat Airliner. The Latécoère 631 was one of the most impressive flying boats ever built. Unfortunately, its time had already passed before the aircraft could enter service. Laté 631-04 (fourth aircraft) F-BDRA is seen here, and it was the second of the type in service for Air France. Photo from Old Machine Press publication.


7. Tupolev ANT-35. Aviation exhibition in Le Bourget, France. A.N. Tupolev gives explanations at the ANT-35 aircraft to the heads of the French aviation industry and the armed forces of France. 1936.


6. Vickers Vulcan Type 61 G-EBET (nicknamed "The Flying Pig"), at an airfield during evaluation by QANTAS. Photo from National Library of Australia.


5. Vought F4U Corsair. A Corsair fighters in the foreground at the El Toro Air Station Santa Ana, California, United States. 1940s. (U.S. Marine Corps photo)


4. Junkers Ju-52 seaplane of the Norwegian airline Det Norske Luftfartselskap on lake Jonsvatn near Trondheim. Norway, 1936.


3. Curtiss-Wright XP-42 in a wind tunnel. Circa 1939. Photo by Walter Matthews Jefferies.


2. Yakovlev Yak-23 'HX-51'. On display in the Post War Hangar, Kbely museum, Czech Republic. 7 October 2012. Photo by Alan Wilson.


1. Raytheon T-1A Jayhawk. The first T-1A Jayhawk, tanker/airlift jet pilot trainer arrives, and is marshalled on the ramp, at 14th Flying Training Wing, Columbus AFB, Mississippi, United States. January 24, 1996. Photo by Robert L. Boland.